Directed by Domingo Guyton (USA, 2016, 64 min.). Footprints in the Concrete is a musical depiction of how a community came together to save a lost youth, trapped in a cycle of hopelessness. Filmmaker Domingo Guyton, now the President of HOPE Multimedia Company, draws inspiration from his own childhood, when he struggled to survive in the mixed pot of drugs, misogyny and violence that was Boston in the late 1980’s. The film features interviews are with Grammy award-winning Feliciano “Butch” Tavares, Dr. Ulric Johnson from Teens Against Gang Violence and a host of friends and family members who recall the turbulent times and the influence that music, hope and faith in God had on turning Guyton’s life around.

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Directed by Bradley Evans (USA, 2016, 24 min.). Appassionato tells the story of Jacob Vaughn, an inner city middle school band director and tuba player who is unhappy with his current life. He believes that in order for him to truly be happy, he must reach his dream of becoming a full-time orchestral musician. But Jacob quickly discovers that passion has the ability to blind a person to what was in front of his face all along.

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My Black Is Beautiful
Directed by Brandon German and Lovely Hoffman (USA, 2016, 4 min.). My Black Is Beautiful serves as positive reinforcement that black skin is beautiful, and aims to embolden the self-esteem of young girls of color. It follows a young girl who struggles with low self-esteem but who is ultimately empowered and uplifted by her peers and encouraged to love herself and embrace her blackness.

Followed by a Q&A with the directors.

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