Glory (Слава) directed by Peter Valchonov and Kristina Grozeva (Bulgaria/Greece, 2016, 101 min.). BD. In Bulgarian with English subtitles. 

An engrossing image of a fractured Bulgaria, Glory centers on Tsanko Petrov (Stefan Denolyubov), a poor middle-aged man who has been a linesman for the national railway company for 25 years. He spends his days hitting the railway bolts with his wrench and twisting them when they don’t sound right. But one day, Petrov finds piles of banknotes on the rails, and although he’s poor and hasn’t received his small salary for two months, he decides to hand all the money in to the police. The Transport Minister, whose ministry has recently been accused of corruption in the media, takes advantage of Petrov’s good deed and turns him, for PR purposes, into a hero, organizing a media event especially for the occasion. 


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