Land of Milk and Honey (Pays de cocagne) by Pierre Étaix (France 1971, 74 min). Just after May 1968, Étaix trades narrative gags for documentary film, capturing French vacationers lounging on the beach, singing karaoke, and camping. Despite the strikingly different style, Étaixremains true to his earlier work by engaging them in topics ranging from eroticism to war and exposes the absurdities of everyday life.

Rupture by Pierre Étaix (France 1961, 11 min.). A jilted suitor’s efforts to answer a “Dear John” letter turns into a brilliant visual gag as a fountain pen, desk, stamps, paper, and inkwell all contrive diabolically to thwart him.

The Films of Pierre Étaix

Land of Milk and Honey preceded by Rupture

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