As Long as You’re Healthy (Tant qu’on a la santé) by Pierre Étaix (France 1966, 65 min.). Étaix’s third feature, co-written by Jean-Claude Carrière, comprises four creative and playful vignettes that comically dramatize the anxieties of 20th-century life. First released in 1966, the film centered on a protagonist who undergoes different situations, but five years later, Étaix reedited the film as he had initially conceived it, dividing it into four distinct episodes.  

Feeling Good (En pleine forme) by Pierre Étaix (France 1966/2010, 13 min.). This short was originally one of the sequences of As Long As You’re Healthy in its 1966 version. In 1971, Étaix reedited the feature and removed this episode about a simple camping trip that becomes unnecessarily complicated.

The Films of Pierre Étaix

As Long As You’re Healthy preceded by Feeling Good

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