Various directors. Digital. In English unless otherwise noted.

These five films commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba (“catastrophe”), when more than 700,000 Palestinian Arabs fled or were expelled from their homes during the 1948 Palestine war.

And an Image Was Born

Directed by Firas Khoury (2017, 9 min.). Arabic with English subtitles.

Two-year-old Razi loves to hear the story of “The Monster.” Razi is too young to comprehend the political allegory in the story; he just wants to imagine it over and over. The narrator has his own film playing in his mind.

Glow of Memories

Directed by Ismail Shammout (1972, 12 min.). Arabic with English subtitles.

A beautiful portrait of paintings by the Palestinian artist Ismail Shammout that narrate the thoughts and memories of an elderly Palestinian man. Recently restored and digitized. 

Your Father Was Born 100 Years Old and So Was the Nakba

Directed by Razan al-Saleh (2017, 7 min.).

The filmmaker presents an imaginary memory of her grandmother, Oum Ameen, returning to her hometown of Haifa through Google Street View, the only way she can see Palestine today.

Memory of the Land

Directed by Samira Badran (2017, 13 min.). Arabic and invented language with English subtitles.

An experimental animated film reflecting on the human condition under the yoke of violence, where the consciousness of the past and the longing for a future coexist in day-to-day life. 

Born in Deir Yassin

Documentary directed by Neta Shoshani (2017, 63 min.). Hebrew with English subtitles.

The traumatic story of Deir Yassin—a Palestinian village located near Jerusalem that was invaded, conquered, and emptied by Jewish underground fighters in April 1948—is told through first-hand accounts by Jewish fighters who participated in the campaign and youths who were sent in to “mop up” the dead. In parallel, the film tells the story of Dror Nissan, a man who tries to discover the secrets of his origins by visiting the Israeli government psychiatric hospital built on the grounds of Deir Yassin in 1951.

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