Nazi Law: Legally Blind by John and Susan Michalczyk (USA, 2016, 47 min.). In post WWI Germany, Law was a most respected entity, with the country thriving on its most capable lawyers and judges, many who were Jewish. Gradually, the National Socialist government dismantled constitutional law and created a lethal totalitarian system that engulfed Germany and all of Europe. Stating that the nation exists as a pure political and biological organism, the Nazi government imposed legislation that reinforced its ideological program in all aspects of German life, especially targeting  race, business, religion and medicine. Filmed in Nuremberg, Munich and the Dachau concentration camp, this new documentary from Boston College professors John and Susan Michalczyk examines the ways in which the Nazi party manipulated existing German laws to serve their agenda.

Followed by a discussion with former German ambassador Friedrich Loehr, Executive Producer Lorenz Reibling, Professor Paul Bookbinder of UMass, Boston, and director John Michalczyk.

As this event occurs after regular Museum hours, please use the entrance on Fenway Road.