Documentary directed by Tracey Anarella (USA, 2016, 83 min.). Not Black Enough is a film about class warfare and the cross-tides that African Americans are dealing with in the black community. The film takes a sometimes humorous, always personal, brutally honest and insightful look into a seldom-explored phenomenon that is pervasive in black culture: the ostracizing of blacks for not being “black enough.” This documentary explores the reasons behind this practice of fear and loathing within the black community.

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My Black Is Beautiful
Directed by Brandon German and Lovely Hoffman (USA, 2016, 17 min.). My Black Is Beautiful serves as positive reinforcement that black skin is beautiful and aims to embolden young girls of color. It follows a young girl who struggles with low self-esteem but who is ultimately empowered and uplifted by her peers and encouraged to love herself and embrace her blackness.

Followed by a Q&A with the directors.



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