Panic (Panique) directed by Julien Duvivier (France, 1946, 91 min.).

“If I were an architect and I had to build a monument to the cinema,” wrote Jean Renoir, “I would place a statue of Julien Duvivier above the entrance.” Julien Duvivier made 70 films between 1919 and 1967, many of them landmarks of French cinema. Panic, his first French film in a decade (he spent the war years directing in Hollywood) is a towering example of French film noir that has rarely been seen on the big screen since its release. Now at long last, it has been given the vivid restoration it deserves.

Michel Simon stars as a peculiar loner living in a bourgeois Paris neighborhood. When a young maid is murdered, the locals point to Simone as an obvious suspect. Meanwhile, he falls head over heels for a new girl in town (Viviane Romance), who is the mistress of the real killer.

Watch the trailer here. Also screening July 23.

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