Black Sea

Directed by Ulaş Karaoğlu (2015, 20 min.).

A group of five revolutionaries is forced to leave the country after a riot. They make arrangements to flee from Turkey to Bulgaria on a fishing boat on the Black Sea. This difficult and dangerous journey leads them to question their mission and themselves.

The Balloon

Directed by Mehmet Oğuz Yıldırım (2017, 5 min.).

A child war refugee attends a street fair and remembers darker times.

The Wall

Directed by Mustafa Koray Polat (2016, 5 min.).

Necla is a Syrian refugee struggling to live with her four children in one of the poor districts of Ankara, earning money by selling goods that she makes on a workbench in her backyard. The Wall is a 5-minute slice of Necla’s life, offering insight into the walls we build against refugees.


Directed by Kerem Altın (2017, 14 min.).

Kenan is a 60-year-old frame maker. One day, a young girl with an uncanny resemblance to his late wife comes to his store. She tells Kenan she is a musician and invites him to her performance that night. Kenan at first refuses the invitation but later changes his mind. 

12 Hours

Directed by Ercan Selim Öngöz (2016, 12 min.).

He was old and living alone. He knew that the clock ticked faster with every passing second. He was finally ready. He stood still for a moment and cried, but the reason for his tears was not because his time had come to an end.

First Person Singular

Directed by Mehmet Gülkanat (2017, 13 min.).

Birkan is a novice scriptwriter who is fascinated with a woman named Ece. He contacts her through social media, but he can’t gather the courage to meet her in person until one day when he overhears her voice while sitting in a café. First Person Singular depicts how alienation in society really begins within the individual.

Ground Level

Directed by Ayris Alptekin (2016, 11 min.).

Sevim, a nurse, attends the funeral of the old woman she had been caring for. Although Sevim is sincerely sad about the loss of her patient, she has no choice but to demand her salary, which is already late, from the wealthy relatives of the deceased. This creates a bit of a scandal.


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