Directed by Michael Escobar (USA, 2017, 4 min.). A boy struggles with depression, and his only way to fight is to get from Point A to Point B as fast as possible.
Michael Escpbar is a 17-year-old junior at Lynn Classical High School in Lynn, MA. He loves filmmaking because it’s more of a challenge than photography, in which just focuses on a single frame; with film, one uses multiple frames that work in harmony.

Mujeres Fuertes (Strong Women)
Directed by Angela Benevides (USA, 2017, 3 min.). This film focuses on the strengths and sacrifices it takes to be a strong, Latina woman in America.
Angela Benevides is a 17-year-old junior at Lynn Tech High School in Lynn, MA. In the future, she hopes to become a crime scene investigator and also hopes to always work with cameras.

Home Is Never Where I Sleep
Directed by Armani Avalo, Linh Chit, Jasmin De La Cruz, Kevin Gutierrez, Kaleb Habtegebriel, Kaylyn Sverker, Jenavier Tesada, Andry Vasquez, Hunter Wagner (USA, 2017, 1 min.). Spoken word artist Noel Pichardo performs his poem about finding home.

Golden Bloom: Searching for Sunlight
Directed by Marylys Merida, Alyssa Peguero, Rebecca Kirby (USA, 2017, 4 min.). All the fun in the world is no fun at all if you have no one to share it with.
Rebecca Kirby is 17-year-old senior at St. Mary’s High School in Lynn, MA. Rebecca aspires to become a famous voice over artist. 
Marylys Merida is an 18-year-old senior at Lynn English High School in Lynn MA. She is on the verge of breaking every rule in order to become an amazing female filmmaker. 
Alyssa Peguero is an 18-year-old senior at Lynn English High School in Lynn, Ma. She has been part of Raw for three years, and enjoys creating with innovative, open-minded people.

Keen: Well of Dreams
Directed by Rajaiah Jones, Alexis Villar, Nadia Healey (USA, 2017, 3 min.). Dreams drive and haunt us. Keen the rapper explores the depths of his own dreams through this uncanny hip-hop music video.

DLA Against Displacement
Directed by Lovey Hoffman (USA, 2016, 16 min.). Seventy middle school students from Helen Y. Davis Leadership Academy in Dorchester, Massachusetts, partner with housing justice organization City Life/Vida Urbana (CLVU) and learn about how gentrification is impacting our community. This collaboration leads to a larger protest, in which Davis Academy and CLVU stand in solidarity with more than thirty tenants on Waldeck Street who face eviction. What are the tenants, CLVU, and Davis Academy students demanding? The demand is that the property be sold to a non-profit and that the living conditions improve for the tenants. This short follows the journey of middle school students as they learn about self-determination and the power of their voice.

Life Reimagined
Directed by Wes Williams (USA, 2016, 15 min.). What do the good kids do when the bad guys threaten them with gun violence?  Do they arm themselves and retaliate, or continue on the “good kid” route? After all, they live in the same neighborhoods.

Followed by a Q&A with the directors. 

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