Talent Has Hunger by Josh Aronson (USA, 2015, 82 min.). Filmed over seven years at the New England Conservatory, Talent Has Hunger offers a compelling glimpse into the lives of young musicians. We experience their rigorous discipline as they work to master technical skills, as well as watch their teacher, master cellist Paul Katz, maneuver their delicate sensibilities and tender egos, drawing on his 50 years of teaching experience to help them feel safe, emotionally open, and confident enough to play their instruments for a waiting audience. Through its privileged access, Talent Has Hunger helps us to appreciate concert musicians in an entirely new light.

The opening night screening on March 11th will be followed by a discussion with the film’s subject, master cellist Paul Katz, filmmaker Josh Aronson, and special guests Emileigh Vandiver, Sebastian Baverstam, Lev Mamuya and Sujin Lee.