The Great Man by Sarah Leonor (France, 2014, 107 min., DCP). Hamilton (Jérémie Renier) and Markov (Surho Sugaipov) are about to finish five years of service in the Foreign Legion. During their six-month posting in Afghanistan, they wind up in crossfire while out on an impromptu, unauthorized leopard hunt. After Hamilton is shot and nearly killed, Markov risks his life to save him at the expense of his own dreams of gaining French citizenship. Later, Hamilton is reunited with Markov in Paris. While Hamilton remains in the Foreign Legion, Markov ekes out a meager existence as an illegal immigrant, trying to provide for his young son Khadji. When Markov is killed in an accident, Hamilton feels obligated to look after the child of the man who saved his life. This intimate drama depicts the traumas of war and immigration: it is a powerful story about friendship and solidarity, looking at how men try to piece back together lives shattered by war. In French and Russian with English subtitles.