Directed by Silvia Quer (Spain, 2018, 96 min.). Digital. Spanish, Catalan, and French with English subtitles. Massachusetts premiere.

This stirring, award-winning Spanish drama tells the true story of Elisabeth Eidenbenz (Noémie Schmidt), the founder of the Mothers of Elne, a maternity hospital located in the south of France on the Spanish border. Realizing that refugees fleeing Franco’s regime in Spain and Vichy refugee camps were physically vulnerable, Eidenbenz transformed an old villa into a birth clinic. Remarkably, despite the surrounding hardship, the villa becomes a safe haven filled with the laughter of children. But when French authorities demand she turn over the Jewish refugees and children under her care, Eidenbenz and her staff must make a decision that could endanger everyone in the hospital. By the end of the war, Elisabeth and her female staff have saved the lives of hundreds of mothers and children.

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