Directed by Roger Corman (USA, 1967, 85 min.). BluRay.

Directed by cult horror icon Roger Corman and written by Jack Nicholson, this obscure gem follows a young TV commercial director (Peter Fonda) who takes his first dose of LSD, hoping for a revelation that will ease the heartbreak of his divorce from his beautiful wife (Susan Strasberg). Guided by his more experienced hippie friends, John (Bruce Dern) and Max (Dennis Hopper), Paul embarks on a psychedelic journey that includes an existential carnival ride, bizarre erotic encounters, and even his own death. The film was released at the pinnacle of the Summer of Love and had a huge cultural impact, grossing six million dollars—a massive return for a movie that cost one hundred thousand to make. Legend has it that Nicholson, Fonda, and Hopper conducted preliminary research by taking a group LSD trip of their own.

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