Total Recall by Paul Verhoeven (USA, 1990, 113 min.). Presented on DCP.

Based on Dick’s story We Can Remember It For You Wholesale, this cult classic centers on everyman Douglas Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenneger), a construction worker in need of a little excitement. At Rekall, a company that provides memory implants of vacations for those who can’t afford the real thing, Quaid purchases a “memory trip” to Mars as a secret agent. But something goes wrong during the procedure, and Quaid starts revealing suppressed memories of actually being a secret agent. The company wipes his memory of the visit and sends him home – and that’s when things get really weird. What was supposed to be a virtual simulation becomes a real life adventure. Or is this all just part of the fantasy?

This free late-night event is part of mfaNOW Overnight: College Edition. The film and the party are open to night owls of all ages.

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