We Cannot Go There Now, My Dear by Carole Mansour (2014, 42 min.). Palestinian refugees have been living in Syria since they were forced to flee Palestine in 1948. As the Syrian crisis intensifies, they alongside the Syrians have been affected by the war. Their story, however, is more complex. By fleeing Syria and seeking refuge in Lebanon, they are becoming a special category: the twice-displaced. This film tells part of their story—a story in which memories have been awakened between one exodus and the next; loss permeates all things and invades the soul; and lives are continuously being re-improvised, awaiting a return to the homeland. In Arabic with English subtitles. Discussion with director follows screening.


Shake by Deema Dabis (2014, 9 min.). A gripping portrait of an encounter between an Israeli airport interrogator and a Palestinian-American traveler who is trying to enter the country.

The Living of the Pigeons by Baha Abu Shanab (2015, 17 min.). A haunting glimpse of the surreal early morning hours and the daily experience of “rush hour” at Checkpoint 300, which separates Bethlehem in the West Bank from Jerusalem. In Arabic with English subtitles.

Echoes of Beit Hanoon by Wael Alsousi (2015, 5 min.). A short film about the experience of living through the continuous Israeli attacks on Gaza in the summer of 2014 and witnessing the aftermath. In Arabic and English with English subtitles.

One Minute by Dina Naser (2015, 11 min.). A reimagining of what it was like to live through the attack on the Shuja’iyah neighborhood in Gaza in July of 2014 as a young mother with an infant. In Arabic with English subtitles.