Sunday, January 8, 2017
12:30 pm–2:25 pm
Harry and Mildred Remis Auditorium (Auditorium 161)
Ticket Required

Directed by Pierre Étaix (France, 1965, 96 min). 35mm.

The son of a ruined millionaire tries restoring his family fortune by traveling the country performing in circus acts. Similar to the Academy Award-winning film The Artist, “Yoyo celebrates true love and creative freedom. It’s also a valentine to cinema incorporating allusions to the work of artists ranging from Groucho Marx and Federico Fellini.” (The Wall Street Journal). 

Happy Anniversary (Heureux Anniversaire) (France, 1962, 12 min.). 

Paris traffic delays a husband’s anniversary dinner with his wife in this much lighter version of a traffic jam than Jean-Luc Godard’s Weekend. Winner of the 1963 Academy Award for Best Short Film.