Engage with exceptional works by two leading artists from Mexico, painter Frida Kahlo (1907–1954) and photographer Graciela Iturbide (b. 1942), on view at the MFA in simultaneous exhibitions: “Frida Kahlo and Arte Popular” (February 27–June 16) and “Graciela Iturbide’s Mexico” (January 19–May 12). 

The workshop includes a curatorial lecture about Kahlo offered in both English and Spanish, gallery activities in both exhibitions, and group discussions. Look beyond Kahlo’s celebrity status to gain a new understanding of her work as an artist, with a focus on the relationship between her paintings and Mexican arte popular, or folk art. Also see how Iturbide’s photographs of everyday life and culture, rituals and religions, not only bear witness to Mexican society but express an intense personal and poetic lyricism about her native country while also raising questions about social injustice and inequality.

When signing up for the workshop, please indicate if you would like to attend the curatorial lecture in English or Spanish, both offered by Layla Bermeo, Roger Servison Assistant Curator of American Paintings and organizer of “Frida Kahlo and Arte Popular.” 

Link to Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks: Arts Connections Strand Standards 6–10; HSS: World History; World Languages: Culture Strand (Spanish)


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