Explore the intricacies of sculpting with artist Morris Norvin. Working in plasticine, a form of clay, Mr. Norvin demonstrates how to mold a human head. Learn how the artist considers space, line, and texture in creating three-dimensional objects. Look at the sculpture in the galleries with a new understanding of the techniques required to create them.

Morris Norvin began studying art at the age of eight at the Museum of Fine Arts and then went on to graduate from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Today he teaches the very same sculpture classes he took from Ralph Rosenthal as a child at the MFA. Norvin is also the founder of Stonybrook Fine Arts, an educational sculpture studio in Jamaica Plain. He has worked with a range of materials including metal, wax, clay, wood, plasticine, paper, glass, and polymers. His preferred method is welded steel incorporating found, functional objects, which he terms “Junk Art,” and his work is mainly figurative and somewhat anatomical.