Information for Birthday Party Guests

Please try to arrive fifteen minutes before the party is scheduled to begin and enter through the Linde Family Wing Schools and Groups Entrance located on Museum Road across from the MFA Garage. If you arrive a little late and don’t see your group at the entrance, please go to the admissions desk and a staff member will help you.

Please note that the MFA does not open until 10 am on Saturdays and Sundays. For morning parties, please try to arrive early to park, but you will not be able to enter the building until the doors open at 10 am.

Children 6 years old and up may be dropped off for the duration of the party, but their parent/guardian will need to leave their name and cell phone number in case of emergency.

Museum instructors will provide a clipboard, pen, and a drop-off/pick-up sheet to use to collect information from any parent that will not be staying with the group.

Parents who are just dropping off or picking their child up may pull into the bus parking area, located directly across from the garage on Museum Road, and drive up to the Linde Family Wing Schools & Groups Entrance. They will need to briefly stop to tell the security guard why they are there, and should remain parked in this space no longer than 10 minutes. Parents and children should then enter the Museum and wait in the lobby.

Parents must stay with their child at the Linde Family Wing Schools and Groups Entrance until the hosts arrive. Children should never be left to wait by themselves unattended, and may not be dropped off or picked up in any of the Museum’s parking lots.

Museum instructors will escort everyone back to the lobby of the Linde Family Wing Schools and Groups Entrance at the end of the party.

When you arrive there will be 2 large bins available at the entrance - one for coats and bags, and the other for birthday presents.

All parcels, umbrellas, and bags larger than 11" x 15" must be checked, including backpack-style child carriers. Bags in excess of 11"x15" containing needed medical equipment or for use in nursing or baby care are allowed in the Museum.

Baby strollers are allowed in all galleries, but they may not be left unattended. Please leave strollers with a guard at one of the coat checks when not in use.

All parents and chaperones will receive a sticker that allows free admission to the Museum galleries.

Chaperone stickers allow you to visit without having to pay admission. You are welcome to visit galleries on your own while the party is taking place or stay with the group the entire time. This sticker also allows you to remain in the Museum after the party until closing (4:45 pm).

If you do not wish to remain with the group the entire time you can explore the Museum on your own and meet up with the group later or drop your child off at the Entrance. Drop-off/ pick-up guidelines are listed above.

Your chaperone sticker also entitles you to a parking discount; please show your sticker to a parking attendant in the MFA Garage lobby before paying. If an attendant is unavailable, please go to the parking office located in the garage. With this discount you will pay a maximum of $15 for the entire day. Please note: Parking discount only applies to self-park options, not valet.

  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Strollers are allowed in all galleries; however, there may be restrictions when special exhibition galleries are crowded.
  • Help us keep the artwork safe by not touching or climbing on objects.
  • Always walk, don’t run.
  • If a child is too young to understand and follow the rules, consider having an adult or older child hold their hand.
  • Our security guards protect you and the art; please respect their requests.

Photography without a flash is allowed in most galleries. Flash photography and video are only permitted in the art studio. Your Museum instructor will let you know if the group enters a gallery where photography is not allowed. When photographing in the Museum, please be mindful of not stepping back into the artwork. Maintain a distance of 12 inches away from the artwork at all times.

Upon arrival all of the children will help to decorate a large birthday party banner while waiting for all of the guests to arrive. Afterwards everyone will go on a customized tour of the Museum for approximately 45 minutes. At the end of the tour all of the children will be able to work on an art-making activity in an art studio for approximately 45 minutes followed by a story. Food will be served in the art studio during the last 30 minutes of the party.

Plan your arrival and learn more about getting to the MFA.