Information for Birthday Party Hosts

Birthday parties are held in the Education Center in Druker Family Pavilion, Level 1, Room 160.

Venue Details


Saturday and Sunday
10 am or 2 pm




30 children maximum



A valid MFA membership is required to register for birthday parties.

Not a member and want to register for a birthday party? Join today and enjoy this privilege along with free and faster admission, discounts on dining, shopping, and parking, and a full calendar of events—with MFA membership, there’s always more than meets the eye.


Payment must be received at least 3 business days prior to your visit.

To pay by credit card (Visa, American Express, MasterCard) please call 617-369-3345.

To pay by check, please make it out to the Museum of Fine Arts and send to:

Caitlin Doyle, Education Department
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
465 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

Event Space

Education Center in Druker Family Pavilion (Level 1, Room 160): $350


  • Final menu selections due: Monday before your party
  • Food payment due: Wednesday before your party

The maximum number of children that we can accommodate in the Education Center space and that are included in the party fee is 30. This number includes any child that is at least 3 years old (including siblings). Children under the age of 3 are welcome to attend as long as they are accompanied by their parent or guardian at all times, but they will not be included in the headcount for the party activities or payment.

We regret that we cannot accommodate more than 30 participating children in the Education Center in the Druker Family Pavilion.

One of your Museum instructors will contact you approximately 1 week in advance to talk about what you would like to have the children see and do during the party. You can choose from one of the tours listed below or customize a tour and activity specifically related to your child's interests.

We recommend that you have a general theme or idea in mind for your child's party before your instructor contacts you. If you have questions or need assistance sooner than one week before the party date, please call 617-369-3345 or e-mail

Please choose only one tour and one art activity or work with a Museum instructor to design a customized tour and activity for your child's party.

Animals in Art

Search for animals in paintings and sculptures while walking through different galleries in the Museum!

Art Activities: Painting on canvas, clay, animal masks, or animal puppets.

Art in America

Discover and compare American art made in different time periods, including paintings, sculptures, and artifacts from our Native American, Early American, Folk Art, American Impressionism, and Modern Art collections.

Art Activities: Painting on canvas, clay, or pendants

Asian Art

Discover Chinese and Japanese art as you walk through a Chinese house and a Buddhist Temple Room, learn about impressive gods and goddesses, and take a closer look at intricate scroll paintings!

Art Activities: Sumi-e painting, clay, or pendants

Egyptian Art

Unlock the mysteries of ancient Egypt and hear about daily life in this amazing civilization. Meet our mummies and learn why and how Egyptians prepared for the afterlife!

Art Activities: Clay or pendants

Fantastic Creatures

Dragons, griffins, and sphinx! Go on an exploration to find artwork that features animals and other creatures not normally seen in everyday life.

Art Activities: Clay, pendants, masks, or puppets


Examine clothing and accessories people are wearing in paintings and sculptures throughout the Museum!

Art Activities: Paper dolls, jewelry, pendants, or drawing with watercolor pencils in the galleries


Are masks just for Halloween? Find out as you journey through the Museum to look at masks from around the world.

Art Activity: Masks


Explore ancient cultures through the stories that they told. Learn about myths from Egypt, India, Greece, and Rome while looking at the different sculptures we have in these galleries.

Art Activities: Clay, pendants, or puppets

Scavenger Hunt!

Follow clues to find artwork! Scavenger hunts can be created for any tour and are always customized to match your child’s interests and abilities.

Art activities vary depending on the type of scavenger hunt tour.

Stories in Art

All of the artwork in the Museum has interesting stories behind it! Examine the art, hear some of these stories, and create your own.

Art Activities: Painting on canvas, drawing with watercolor pencils in the galleries, pendants, clay, book making, or puppets

Cake and cupcakes purchased from a store or a bakery and are not home-made may be brought into the Museum from home. All other food and beverage items must be purchased from Restaurant Associates, the Museum's catering service.

See menu

Party decoration and supply suggestions:

  • Colorful streamers
  • Happy birthday sign
  • Goodie bags
  • Plastic or paper rectangular tablecloths
    We cover all of the tables with large, brown paper for the art activity and will change it before the children eat, but one standard rectangular tablecloth fits each of our tables and you will probably need 6 if you wish to bring your own.

  • Food Items
    If you choose to bring in your own cake or cupcakes you will also need to bring in anything needed to eat and serve these food items. Food and beverages ordered through Restaurant Associates comes with all of the necessary plates, cups, napkins, and utensils, however, some parents prefer to bring in their own special birthday party items.

Balloons are not allowed in the Museum. No piñatas or confetti, please.

Download these printable invitations to send to your birthday party guests!

Card Invitation (PDF)
Letter Invitation (PDF)

Party Information

30 minutes before the start of the party
Birthday Party hosts meet Museum instructors at the Linde Family Wing Group Entrance in order to bring party supplies and/or cake and cupcakes to the classroom.

Please present a printed copy of your confirmation letter to the guard at the entrance for early entry.

45 minutes
Wait for guests and then go on a tour. Upon arrival all of the children will help to decorate a large birthday party banner while waiting for all of the guests to arrive. Staff at the admissions desk will help guests find the group if they are more than 15 minutes late.

45 minutes
Art activity in the classroom. One of the Museum instructors will read a story just outside the room when most of the children have finished creating their art so that the room can be cleaned and set up for the food.

30 minutes
Food and cake

One of your Museum instructors will meet you at the Linde Family Wing Group Entrance 30 minutes prior to the start of your party in order to help you transport any party supplies and/or cake and cupcakes to the classroom (no balloons or piñatas, please)

Please present a printed copy of your confirmation letter to the guard at the entrance for early entry.

All parents and chaperones will receive a sticker that allows free admission to the Museum galleries. The chaperone sticker also gives parents a discount on parking in Museum facilities (discount only applies to self-park options, not valet). In order to receive this discount parents will need to show their sticker to a parking attendant in the Garage Lobby before paying upon departure.

Parents that do not wish to remain with the group the entire time can explore the Museum on their own or drop their child off with you at the Linde Family Wing Group Entrance. Drop-off/Pick-up Guidelines are listed below and are also available on the Information for Guests page.

Children that are 6 years old and up may be dropped off for the duration of the party, but their parent/ guardian must leave their name and phone number in case of emergency.

In an effort to ensure that we are providing an environment of enhanced safety and security we are requesting that each group, upon entry to the Museum, provides the MFA with a list of each child that is present. If possible we also strongly encourage you to provide ages and emergency contacts. This information will be kept confidential and shredded upon your group's departure of the Museum.

Parents must stay with their child at the Linde Family Group Entrance until the party hosts and Museum instructors arrive. Children should never be left to wait by themselves unattended, and may not be dropped off or picked up in any of the Museum's parking lots.

Your Museum instructors will escort everyone back tot he lobby of the Linde Family Wing Group Entrance at the end of the party.

2 large bins will be available at the Group Entrance when you arrive - one for coats and bags, and the other for presents.

All parcels, umbrellas, and bags larger than 11"x15" must be checked, including back-pack style child carriers. Bags in excess of 11"x15" containing needed medical equipment or for use in nursing or baby care are allowed in the Museum.


Baby strollers are allowed in all galleries, but they may not be left unattended. Please leave strollers with a guard at the Fenway or Huntington coat check when not in use.

  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Strollers are allowed in all galleries; however, there may be restrictions when special exhibition galleries are crowded.
  • Help us keep the artwork safe by not touching or climbing on objects.
  • Always walk, don’t run.
  • If a child is too young to understand and follow the rules, consider having an adult or older child hold their hand.
  • Our security guards protect you and the art; please respect their requests.

Photography without a flash is allowed in most galleries. Flash photography and video are only permitted in the classroom. Your Museum instructors will let you know if the group enters a gallery where photography is not allowed. When photographing in the Museum, please be mindful of not stepping back into the artwork. Maintain a distance of 12 inches away from the artwork at all times.