September through June: Saturday and Sunday, 10 am–5 pm

July and August: Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, 10 am–5 pm

Discover the MFA with fun (and educational!) activities designed for children ages 4 and up to do with adults in the galleries. Piece together puzzles, learn mythical tales, and uncover ancient Egyptian mysteries. Choose from our ever-changing array of interactive activities, books and Art Cards. Borrow a tote bag equipped with a sketch-book and colored pencils, and the Cart’s staff will point you on your way! Look for the Family Art Cart in the Shapiro Family Courtyard.

Art Cards are available with tactile graphics, large print and Braille. See Accessibility for more information about accessibility at the Museum.

Free with Museum admission.


Family Art Cart is made possible with endowment support from the Germeshausen Foundation Fund for Youth and Family Learning and the John and Dorothy Wilson Fund.

Additional support for self-guiding materials made possible by Arthur R. Hilsinger and Barbara J. Janson.