Ensemble of Veenas - the Most Ancient Indian Stringed Instrument - by Durga Krishnan and Group

Take an aural trip to south India with celebrated veena musician Durgalakshmi Krishnan, leading an ensemble of veena and mridangam (a two headed South Indian drum). The ensemble performs Carnatic Music, one of the two prominent sub-genres of Indian Classical Music stemming from  ancient Hindu musical traditions.

Duralakshmi Krishnan, veena
Rupa Ravi, veena
Neela Kaushik, veena
Suhasini Aravinthan, veena
Namrita Murali, veena
Gaurisankar Chandrasekhar, mridangam

Ensemble of Veenas by Durga Krishnan and Group

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6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Gallery 168
Free with Admission - No Ticket Required
This event is free with cost of admission.
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Linde Family Wing for Contemporary Art