Music for me has never been just an audible experience. It’s a living event that expounds upon the senses. Whether it’s in the venue, staring at the album cover, watching my friends' faces, or seeing the scenes outside the car on a long drive, music always has some visual experience along with the noise. Music and image are soul mates. Sure, they can exist on their own but, boy, are they better together.

On Friday, April 12, at 7:30 pm, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston premiers Soul Mates: Film and Music, a timeline of the history of music and the moving image featuring Boston-area musicians presenting four short live musical performances all incorporating aspects of film and moving image.

The Boston String Players start the evening with a string quartet acoustically playing to the landmark silent film The Great Train Robbery (1904) and a scene from Buster Keaton’s Our Hospitality (1923). Musicians! Bowler hats on black and white film!

World-renowned Devil Music Ensemble follows performing with the surrealist Man Ray’s film Les Mysteres du Chateau de De (1929). The moving image has the ability to play with our sense of reality. What is May Ray showing us?

Our third performer, Gem Club, has produced a string of music videos that really should be called short films, a trend that is also seen with artists such as Sigur Rós, F*cked Up, and R Kelly. We live in a world of constant sound and image—why not make them beautiful together. Gem Club creates minimal pop in an atmosphere of suspended aesthetics. They were nominated for three Boston Music Awards in 2012—Album of the Year, Artist of the Year, and Video of the Year.

As we think about the future of sound and moving image we can bring up the evening’s final performers, Hospice for the Three Hundred. Included in their ensemble are esteemed performance artists and musicians Vela Phelan (video & transmissions), Dirk Adams (constructed sounds & samples), Flandrew Fliesenberg (percussion), and Joshua Jefferson (wind). I’m not even going to write about what their performance is going to be. Let’s just let the future happen.
-Jasmine Hagans, March 2013

Above: an image from Gem Club, who will be performing live to their own music videos.

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Photo: Jared Graves

Soul Mates: Film and Music

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Remis Auditorium, 161
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