Sound Bites: Nancy Lee Clark Concert Series

Join us online for Hip-Hop Generations, part of the Sound Bites: Nancy Lee Clark Concert Series and staged in conjunction with “Writing the Future: Basquiat and the Hip-Hop Generation.” Hosted by Arielle Gray from WBURThe Artery and filmed in the exhibition galleries, this four-part virtual series features performers who build on hip-hops multidisciplinary history, which encompasses MC-ing, DJ-ing, breakdancing, and graffiti. Each concert explores how different generations expand on and redefine early hip-hop, carving out a space for unique contributions to this global cultural movement.
Half the proceeds from the concerts go directly to the musicians.

Members of the band, REKS, performing in gallery, centered on lead singer dancing and holding microphone
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Boston mainstay REKS performs a set full of his signature muscular vocal delivery, dexterous wordplay, and gritty lyricism.

Two photographs depicting Billy Dean Thomas and Rayel, each holding microphones and singing
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Billy Dean Thomas and Rayel

In separate sets, two dynamic hip-hop artists deliver polyrhythmic flows and lyrics promoting intersectional feminism and social justice.

Two photographs depicting Edo G holding microphones and singing, and Brady Watt singing into microphone while playing guitar
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Coming Soon: Brady Watt and Edo G

The bass player and Boston hip-hop legend team up for a performance combining sharp social commentary, slick rhymes, deep grooves, and wit to spare.

Premieres May 6.

Three photographs depicting Slick Vick working behind DJ equipment, Cake Swagg holding microphone and singing, and Bernadine doing the same
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Coming Soon: Slick Vick with Cake Swagg and Bernadine

Visionary DJ Slick Vick joins forces with two of Boston’s most vibrant creative voices for a high-energy performance.

Premieres June 3.


Supported by the Nancy Lee Clark Concert Series Fund.