This program, consisting of three pieces, highlights the works of Andrew Norman (b. 1979) and his ties to the world of architecture. One of the most innovative composers of our generation, Andrew draws inspiration from a diverse span of architects and architectural concepts ranging from Roman cathedrals to Frank Lloyd Wright. The star work of the program is his string trio A Companion Guide to Rome, a breathtaking piece that was named a Pulitzer finalist in 2012. As part of the performance, Hub New Music will create a digital program including imagery of Andrew’s architectural inspirations, to create a multi-sensory experience for the audience.

About Hub New Music

“elegant and exacting” - The Boston Globe

Hub New Music (formerly BYCE) is a collective of artists dedicated to the latest generation of contemporary compositions. Our name is inspired by our hometown of Boston, and the notion that a Hub is a center of innovation and creative thought. Striving to establish the music of today as an integral part of culture, the vast majority of Hub’s repertoire is written after 2000 with a special focus on the music of young composers. With this repertoire, we seek to reach audiences through methods that best speak to the new millennium. In doing so, Hub transforms concerts into social experiences, merges art with technology, and leads educationally driven programs focused on building community through contemporary music.

Above: Image courtesy of Jessa Anderson