Jeon Yongseok, artist 
Lucas Cowan, public art curator, Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

Hear a conversation between Jeon Yongseok and Lucas Cowan about the issues of modern urban living and creativity. Working as an artist and social commentator in Seoul, South Korea, for the past 15 years as part of the artist collective flyingCity, Jeon Yongseok has explored the human consequences of gentrification and redevelopment in the city. Join us as we bring Jeon’s experience in Seoul to look at how local skills and knowledge can be applied in an increasingly standardized and globalized world.

Made possible with the support of the Korea Foundation.

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Above: flyingCity, Drifting Producers: Power of Cheonggyecheon, 2007–9/2015. Mixed media, kinetic sculptures made by craftsmen in Cheonggyecheon, overall design by flyingCity. Photography courtesy flyingCity.


Made possible with the support of the Korea Foundation.