Theme: Celebrations

It’s the season for celebrations! Spend time with friends and family creating and celebrating art. Explore the Museum’s collection and learn about different celebrations around the world.

Art-Making Activities

10 am–4 pm (to 8 pm on Wednesday)

Celebrate with Music

Education Center in Druker Family Pavilion, Room 159

Stop into our Musical Instruments Gallery, 103, near the Huntington Avenue Entrance. Look at the many different musical instruments. From the Turkish crescent to the Highland bagpipes, musical instruments are used during times of celebration. Head to Room 159 to make your own celebratory musical instrument.

Blind or Low Vision Access


Gallery 268

Walk over to Gallery 260 and look for Cecilia Vicuña’s Quipu desaparecido (Disappeared Quipu). Ancient people of the Andes Mountains in South America made record-keeping devices out of strings called quipu. The twisted patterns and knots were their way to read and write, record and remember history. Ancient quipu inspire Cecilia and other artists to create their art. Think of a recent celebration or time that made you happy. Create your own string artwork to remember it.

Blind or Low Vision Access

The “Dogs’ Wedding”

Shapiro Family Courtyard

In Gallery 142 you can find a small ceramic sculpture of a dogs’ wedding. Weddings are held around the world to celebrate the love of two people. Can you imagine going to a wedding to celebrate the marriage of two dogs? What would you wear? What kind of present would you bring? Walk over to Shapiro Family Courtyard to make your own pop-up dogs’ wedding.

Blind or Low Vision Access

Celebratory Objects

Gallery 177

Find the ewer, or pitcher, in the shape of a bamboo shoot in the Arts of Korea Gallery, 179. It was used to serve liquids, often for a celebration. Look at the object’s shape and beautiful green color. There are many objects in this gallery that can be used to pour liquid. Pick your favorite and sketch it. What kind of liquid would you pour from this object?

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Always Available

Art Connections Activity Cards

Sharf Visitor Center

Pick up an Art Connections Activity Card and explore bugs, powerful figures, chocolate, and other themes throughout the Museum.

Made possible by Arthur R. Hilsinger and Barbara J. Janson.

A Guide to Family Fun at the MFA

Sharf Visitor Center

Pick up one of our free pocket-sized informational guides on visiting and exploring the Museum with kids. Includes tips, gallery games, and ideas for looking at and discussing art together. Available in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.

Mobile MFA Guide: Kids’ Tour

Available at any ticket desks and Sharf Visitor Center.

Discover the details with a mobile MFA Guide. The Kids’ mobile tour introduces young visitors ages 6 to 10 to the Art of the Americas collections. The galleries are brought to life with the help of three quirky animated characters: Lucia, a high school reporter; Steve, an adventurous 10-year-old; and Malone, to life with the help of three quirky characters: Lucia, a high school reporter; Steve, an adventurous 10-year-old; and Malone, an art detective. Together they help kids look at art in new, creative ways.

Members $5; nonmembers $6; kids 17 and under $4; free for visitors who are Deaf or blind.


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