Come see the MFA in a new light, with a one-of-a kind experience of a morning yoga practice in the soaring glass Shapiro Family Courtyard, before the Museum opens for the day. Yogis are encouraged to bring their mats, build friendships, and feel the energy of the art that surrounds you. After class, explore the galleries, visit that exhibition you’ve been meaning to catch, or grab a post-workout cup of coffee in the New American Café.

Our April instructor, Ritu Niroula, says “Yoga means so many different things to so many people. To me, yoga means finally arriving home. Moving to America from my motherland Nepal during my early teens was a harsh awakening for me. Western culture was something I had only seen through a 24” television screen back in Nepal. Having to part ways from my childhood friends and relatives was rough but nothing like being lost in one’s own body and mind. I struggled all my teenage years trying to either give away my eastern roots or embrace the new found western in me. I started hating life and my body. It was years later that I found yoga and I could feel the sense of my own being again. I had found not only a moving meditation for mind, body, and soul, but also a place where I felt safe. Yoga paved a path of self love for me and today I live a life where I have learned to pause from our hectic daily routine and to love myself and others without judgement. Experiencing every movement, feeling every breathe, creating space where my students and I can truly be ourselves. This is why I love sharing my yoga journey with others. I create in my class a positive, feel-good experience which includes Pranayama (breathing work), Asanas (traditional yoga poses), and Savasana (relaxation and rest). If you walk out feeling a little better and lighter, I have done my part. I hope you lovely humans will join me in my class.” 

Doors open at 8:30am. All attendees must enter through the Huntington Avenue entrance.

All participants will be required to sign waivers upon arrival to event. Yoga mats must be checked at coat check after class if you plan to explore the Museum.


Ticket Information

To order tickets by phone, call 1-800-440-6975 ($6 processing fee applies); to order in person, visit any MFA ticket desk.

Ticketing Policies


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