MALCOLM ROGERS: Almost exactly a hundred years ago, both the Museum of Fine Arts and the Brooklyn Museum made a radical decision — to purchase entire exhibitions of Sargent’s watercolors. Although Sargent is best known for his portraits, this show celebrates his legacy as a brilliant and prolific watercolorist.

ERICA HIRSHLER: I think one thing I’d like people to come away with after seeing this exhibition is a new way of thinking about Sargent. And if there’s one thing I’d like to change about people’s ideas about Sargent, it’s to see the variety of his work, the way he re-invents himself after the turn of the 20th century, the way he constantly engages in new ways of painting.

MALCOLM ROGERS: This is the first time these collections are being shown together. You have a rare opportunity to explore Sargent’s mastery of watercolor techniques; his eye for composition, color, and detail; and his skill at capturing the beauty he saw. These watercolors invite you to look closely, so do take time to study and enjoy them.