Dear Friends,

October 9 is the public opening of “William Merritt Chase,” in the Gund Gallery. One of the late 19th century’s most influential artists and educators, Chase was a modern master who celebrated beauty, and mentored a new generation of modernists. A timely retrospective, grouped by theme and concept, the exhibition brings together the painter’s finest work from public and private collections across the US.

Our celebration of contemporary art and artists #mfaNOW, continues in October. It’s a season of transformation and creative ferment, from cutting-edge exhibitions to film and theater festivals. “UH-OH Frances Stark 1991–2015,” organized by the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, tracks LA-based artist Frances Stark’s 25-year career from early drawings and text-based works to video installations and projects that engage with social media. The MFA is the only East Coast venue for this survey of her provocative works, and both levels of the Linde Family Wing vibrate with the sounds and sights created by the artist the LA Times called “the visual poet laureate of the Internet age.”

“Christian Marclay: The Clock also keeps time in the Linde Family Wing. The return to the MFA of this groundbreaking 24-hour video collage marks a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in thousands of stories from familiar films and through recognizable, expressive images, each told in an instant—enthralling and meditative—as every minute of the piece reminds us of the ceaseless passage of time.

Enjoy a few midnights and beyond with The Clock this fall with mfaNOW Overnights; take advantage of free admission after hours and mix your art and ideas with some dancing, games, food in surprising, unexpected ways to encounter art, the galleries, meeting spaces, and creative energy at the MFA. September’s Launch Party had a great response, and October’s College Edition (all ages welcome!) promises to be another occasion for people to be together and experience art.

Matthew Teitelbaum
Ann and Graham Gund Director

Above: Ann and Graham Gund Director Matthew Teitelbaum in the Koch Gallery.