Dear Friends,

Summer is in full swing and we welcome you to visit. On a hot day, take some time to immerse yourself in our new gallery devoted to the Museum’s luminous collection of Monets. In adjacent galleries, enjoy the plein-air Impressionist scenes and depictions of 19th-century city life and leisure.

This month’s social media project introduces an expansive look at Modernism in the Americas, “Making Modern,” opening in five galleries in the Art of the Americas Wing on July 16. One of the five galleries will house a grouping of works featuring our recent major acquisition, Dos Mujeres, by Frida Kahlo. I will be following this painting’s journey from conservation to centerpiece of “Kahlo and Her Circle.”  The gallery installation places the artist in the context of works by her family and friends in Mexico City including photographers Tina Modotti, Edward Weston, and Imogen Cunningham, and Kahlo’s husband and fellow artist, Diego Rivera. Each gallery represents a moment—from Mexico City to New York to Boston—illustrating the evolution of Modern art in North America.

Follow me with the hashtag #MatthewTeitelbaum or return to this page to see the Twitter feed at right as Kahlo’s Dos Mujeres makes its way to join other works of Modernism by O’Keeffe, Sheeler, Dove, Pollock and many more.

Matthew Teitelbaum
Ann and Graham Gund Director

Above: Ann and Graham Gund Director Matthew Teitelbaum standing in front of a mural by Jason Middlebrook in the Linda Family Wing.