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View musical instruments from around the world, ranging from ancient times to the late twentieth century. The Museum is home to over 1,100 instruments, including many European and American examples, as well as numerous pieces from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. Museum visitors can enjoy and learn about the instrument collection not only through exhibitions, but also by way of talks, live demonstrations, concerts, publications, and recorded audio samples.


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Bagpipes & Reedpipes Africa
Bowed Strings Central & South America
Brasswinds China
Clarinets & Saxophones Indonesia
Flutes, Piccolos, & Fifes Japan
Harmonicas & Accordions Middle East
Harps Native North America
Keyboards Oceania
Lutes & Guitars South Asia
Oboes & Bassoons Southeast Asia
Panpipes, Vessels Flutes, & Whistles  
Recorders & Flageolets  
Zithers & Dulcimers  

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