Baba Joon by Yuval Delshad (Israel, 2015, 91 min.). Farsi and Hebrew with English subtitles.

Israel’s entry for the Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award (and the first Israeli movie filmed in Farsi) is a tender tale of generational divide and immigrant experience that will win your heart. Set in a Persian-immigrant moshav in the Negev in the 1980s, three generations of the stubborn Morgian family run a ramshackle turkey farm in an isolated desert community of Farsi speakers. Yitzhak (Navid Negahban, “Abu Nazir” on Homeland) plans for his son Moti to take over the family business, but Moti’s dreams lie elsewhere, especially after the arrival of his worldlier uncle from America. The debut feature of writer-director Yuval Delshad, himself the child of Iranian parents, won Israeli Academy Awards for Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Art Director, Best Casting, and Best Music. 

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