The Mediterranean (Akdenizli), by Seçkin Yalın (Animated Short, 2014, 3 min.) The struggle of a Mediterranean Seal which tries to get away from a greedy fisherman.

The Teacup, by Elif Boyacıoğlu (Animated Short, 2015, 6 min.) Once there was a man who was afraid to go out…

Circle, by Özgür Can Alkan (Experimental Short, 2014, 4 min.) Repetition, division and circle of life.

The Sound of Istanbul (İstanbul’un Sesi), by Gökhan Öcal (Doc., 2015, 15 minutes.) The documentary portrays manufacturing of exceptional hand-made cymbals in Istanbul, characterized by the unique sound of each instrument, used by eminent musicians in the world. It captures dazzling views and incredible musical sounds of Istanbul in the background. 

Anadolu Break, by Taylan Mutaf (Doc., 2014, 55 minutes.) The “Anadolu Break” project brought together some of the best break dancers in the world to travel throughout Anatolian towns and learn the traditional dances. The journey which began in September 2014 resulted in this soul-searching road documentary where three traveling dancers - Neguin from Brazil, Roxrite from USA, and Amigo (Kadir Memiş) from Germany -  created beautiful choreographies, mixing break dance and rap music with Anatolian folk culture.