Afro Turk, by Betül Usta (Doc., 2015, 15 min.) Life stories and living conditions of the people of African descent who first came to Anatolia a few centuries ago.

Migration (Koçer), by Ramazan Dinler (Doc., 2015, 20 min.) The film depicts the story of children, in the 21st century, forced to leave school early in the spring and taken to the uplands in a donkey’s saddlebag, as well as tough lifestyle of their families. 

A Shadow in Sarıkamış: Wolf (Sarıkamış’ta bir Gölge: Kurt)by Oğuz Özdemir (Doc., 2014, 62 min.) The National Forest of Sarıkamış Allahuekber Mountains is one of the most important refuges of wildlife in Turkey. “Kuzey Doğa Society,” an association for the protection of wildlife, has been doing scientific studies in this national park since 2011.  For the first time in Turkey, the association teamed up with an international group for a project to follow and observe the wolves. This documentary follows the steps of this pathfinder scientific study in the forest and shows the incredible lives of the wolves, which are an integral part of daily life in Anatolia.