Squared by Hieu Tran (14 min.). A one-night stand gets competitive when two guys find out they are both tops.

I Love Hooligans by Jan-Dirk Bouw (12 min.). A football-loving hooligan’s sexual orientation is a well-kept secret. After a match ends, he goes home where no one is waiting. 
At the end of the day, this hooligan has but one dream: to die in the arms of his loved one.

Holden by Roque Madrid & Juan Arcones (20 min.) Holden is a young photographer who suffers from short-term memory loss. He travels to Paris to make a photo shoot with a famous French actor, doing the promotion of his latest feature film. They spend the night walking through the streets of the city, knowing it’s probably the only night they will have together.

A Last Farewell by Casper Andreas (13 min.). An elderly man struggles to accept the loss of his partner and the circumstances of his death.

Barrio Boy by Dennis Shinners (8 min.). A Latino barber secretly falls in love with a handsome Irish stranger over the course of a haircut during a hot and sweaty summer afternoon in a macho Brooklyn hood.

Home by Paul Hasick (13 min.). Matt, a young gay man, visits his grandfather, suffering from Alzheimer’s, at an assisted care facility. What unfolds is a sometimes-fractured recollection of the life he shared with his partner that brings us to an emotional understanding of their relationship and the love that they attained.

Greent Light by Zachary Clarence (6 min.). The lonely nights of two gay men in Boston, seeking connection in their worlds of isolation.

Joint Effort by Katie Damien (8 min.). When a dog trainer and his partner receive a package of pot by mistake, they have to find a way to replace the contents when their dog eats the whole thing while their backs are turned.

Summer is but a Season Passed by J.R. Reid (6 min.). After a devastating break up, an emotionally unstable young man recruits a desperate escort to create a fake relationship with his ex-boyfriend in hopes of gaining insight into where they went wrong.

Herpes of the Lips-Love Bytes by Tonnette Stanford (12 min.). Jade shows off her new girlfriend, celezbian DJ, Samantha Fox, whilst Michael deals with a digital and universal dilemma: fake profile pictures. He is excited to be meeting a sexy Bollywood model for a drink, but is unpleasantly surprised. Lucky for him, his cold sore-cursed roommate comes to save the day and leaves a lasting (and contagious) impression.