Rope by Alfred Hitchcock (USA, 1948, 80 min.). Edited to look like a single continuous shot (but actually composed of ten tightly choreographed takes), Rope was reportedly dismissed as an “experiment that didn’t work out” by Hitchcock, although that hasn’t stopped fans and critics from rediscovering it as an underappreciated masterpiece. College students Brandon and Phillip kill David, a classmate whom they consider inferior, in an effort to prove they are capable of pulling off the perfect crime. The duo subsequently hosts a dinner party to which, among others, the victim’s parents and fiancée are invited and the centerpiece is the trunk that hides David’s body. As the evening progresses Phillip is overcome with guilt, Brandon becomes increasingly bold, and one of their guests—their former prep school housemaster (James Stewart)—begins to suspect that the boys know more about David’s whereabouts than they are letting on.

Rope will be screened on 35mm film.