The Handsome Groom by Sameh Zoabi (2012, 22 min.). The filmmaker takes charge of his best friend’s romantic fortunes when his mother gives up trying to find him a wife in a Palestinian village in northern Israel.

The Dinner by Mais Darawazah (France, Palestine, United Arab Emirates, 2012, 22 min.).  Living alone in a city of uprooted people, Darawazah creates her own identity by gathering around her table close friends, chosen ingredients, and old recipes.

Camp Faces by Hasan Tanji (2011, 3 min.). A short film about a day in the Palestinian refugee camp Yarmouk in Damascus, Syria, in better times.

MiG by Thaer alSahli (2011, 11 min.). In this lyrical first-person film, the filmmaker bears witness to the aftermath of a direct Syrian regime strike on the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk, the first since the Syrian civil war began in 2011. The bombing, which hit a school and a mosque, caused a massive exodus of refugees from the camp—upwards of 70% of its residents by some estimates.

Though I Know The River is Dry by Omar Robert Hamilton (Egypt, 2013, 19 min.) A young Palestinian man caught between his brother’s past and his child’s future makes a choice that triggers catastrophe for his family. Cutting between documentary footage of the occupation and the fictional story, the film breaks with traditional storytelling in favor of a fragmented structure that expresses the difficult choices the protagonist must make. Discussion with director follows screening.

Nation Estate by Larissa Sansour (Palestine/Denmark 2012, 9 min.). A sci-fi short offering a clinically dystopian, yet humorous approach to the deadlock in the Middle East. The film explores a vertical solution to Palestinian statehood: One colossal skyscraper housing the entire Palestinian population.