Taxi by Jafar Panahi (Iran, 2015, 82 min.).  The winner of the highest award at the 2015 Berlin Film Festival, this is the third film that Jafar Panahi (The White Balloon, Offside) has made in defiance of a 20-year ban on filmmaking imposed on him by the Iranian government in 2010. We join the affable director as he crisscrosses Tehran behind the wheel of a taxi, giving rides to a variety of its denizens, ranging from a pirated DVD dealer, to two old women transporting a goldfish to a religious shrine, to his own charmingly chatty young niece, to the human rights lawyer who worked with him when he was in prison.  While the tone of Taxi is lighter than that of his previous films, This is Not a Film and Closed Curtain, it continues Panahi’s project of wittily challenging the notion of banning cinema in a time when everyone carries a camera.

In Persian with English subtitles. Presented on DCP.