Testamento by Francisco Manso (Portugal/Brazil/Cape Verde/France/Belgium, 1997. 110 min.). Based on a novel by the acclaimed Cape Verdean author Germano Almeida, Testamento is “a meditation on life and the choices one makes.” The film was shot in the tiny Cape Verdean city of Mindelo off the coast of West Africa.  Set against breathtaking views of mountains, desert terrain and endless beaches, the film begins with the death of Mr. Napumoceno (Nelson Xavier), the wealthiest businessman in Cape Verde.  His death touches everyone in the city of Mindelo – especially his nephew Carlos (Chico Diaz), who anticipates inheriting his uncle’s business and estate. Carlos discovers that his uncle’s life was rich with secrets that are revealed through tapes he leaves for his illegitimate daughter, Graca (Maria Ceica), the heiress to his fortune.  Through the tapes, Mr. Napumoceno recounts the story of his life, passions, and love. Testamento is scored by the internationally acclaimed Cape Verdean musician Tito Paris, and features an appearance by Cape Verdean world music diva Cesaria Evora.

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Followed by a discussion with filmmakers Francisco Manso and Claire Andrade Watkins.