The Third Man by Carol Reed (USA/UK, 1949, 104 min.). Writer Holly Martins arrives in Vienna at the invitation of his old college friend, Harry Lime – only to find that Harry has been killed in a suspicious car accident.  With the help of Lime’s former girlfriend, Martins endeavors to piece together the details of his friend’s death by visiting Lime’s old haunts in the darkest corners of post-war Vienna.

Considered one of the greatest films of all time, this morbid thriller was adapted from a novella Greene wrote specifically to serve as “raw material” for the film.  It illustrates a moral struggle between two very different characters: a depressed alcoholic of good moral fiber, and a charming sociopath who views humanity through a scientific lens.  These two opposing philosophies may echo a moral conflict taking place in Greene’s own mind.

 Presented in DCP.