Esther Steinberg Memorial Architecture Lecture

Mitchell Joachim, architect and designer; TED Fellow; co-president Terreform ONE; co-author of the new TED eBook “Super Cells: Building with Biology” 

In 2008, Wired magazine selected Mitchell Joachim as one of the 15 people “the next president should listen to,” and Rolling Stone honored him as among the 100 people who are changing America. Joachim is inspiring and creating the next generation of cities by answering the question: What are the most stimulating solutions to global climate change? His extraordinary projects have included homes grown from native trees, structural elements made out of fungi, and soft “self-healing” cars. As he told the Huffington Post, “Don’t swallow the pill that someone else gave you. We can create a better city.”


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Above: Urbaneering Brooklyn 2110: City of the Future. Credits: Mitchell Joachim, Maria Aiolova, Melanie Fessel, Dan O’Connor, Celina Yee, Alpna Gupta, Sishir Varghese, Aaron Lim, Greg Mulholland, Derek Ziemer, Thilani Rajarathna, John Nelson, and Natalie DeLuca.