Califone is a band that defies the blueprint of contemporary bands. Their albums are full of layers and textures, offering endless depth, entire universes to lose yourself in—and beyond the thick spectrum of sound, they do something even more important: They write great songs. Califone is a band that will stand the test of time.

In some regards, Califone’s new album, Stitches, harks back to those earliest days of Califone. There was more home recording, and musicians came and went as the songs dictated. “It was a much more solitary process, and that freed me up to feel less self-conscious about singing and writing more personal lyrics,” says band member Tim Rutli. Yet the ultimate outcome sounds like the work of an artist reborn. “I tried to keep the songs visual and poetic, but it was more important to allow myself to feel and be vulnerable and not hide in the music,” Rutili says. “Instead of writing from my balls and brain, this time I wrote from the nerves, skin, and heart.”  

Stitches—the word and the album—can mean different things to many people. Your own interpretations are welcomed and encouraged.

Opening the evening will be special guest Richard Buckner.

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