KOEK (a Dutch word pronounced “cook”) is a voice and saxophone duo featuring Aliana de la Guardia and Kent O’Doherty. The duo is committed to enhancing the concert experience and exploring performer-audience relationships so that their audience can experience music with new-found depth. By commissioning new works and revamping the classics KOEK explores the heritage of their craft whilst pushing the musical experience to its edge. For more information please visit: koek.us



Acceuil - Voice & Electronics - KOEK

Sergio Luque - It’s all mirrors and magnets

Marti Epstein - The Origin of Human Love

Kent O’Doherty - Atlas

Interlude 1: Electronics

Orlando di Lasso - 12 duets

Interlude 2: Electronic

Kent O’Doherty - RADAK

Kent O’Doherty - cuimhne:bréagach

Interlude 3: Electronic

CAKE-“Opera Singer” 

Smashing Pumpkins - “Drown” 

The Neighbourhood  - “Sweater Weather”

Buena Vista Social Club - “Chan Chan” 

Earth, Wind and Fire - “Fantasy”