The end of the 1960s and early 1970s was an exciting time for fashion as youth’s challenge to authority expressed itself in new ways of thinking about dress. The emerging hippie culture rejected the dictates of Paris haute couture adopting instead an eclectic highly-individual look mixing vintage and ethnic clothing with fashions inspired by contemporary psychedelic Pop art, nature, fantasy, and ethnographic art.  Like the other revolutions of the late 1960s, trends percolated up from the streets influencing traditional ready to wear and even haute couture fashions. MFA curator Lauren Whitley will take us on a trip back to this freewheeling fashion era with a tour of “Hippie Chic” on view in Torf Gallery through November 11, 2013.  “Hippie Chic” will feature more than fifty ensembles, created by innovative young designers and avant-garde boutiques, in materials (crushed velvet, eyelet, satin, leather) techniques, and embellishments (tie-dye, patchwork, beads, and fringe) that reflect the era’s exuberant experimentation.

About the Instructor

Speaker: Lauren Whitley
Speaker Bio: Curator of Textile & Fashion Arts, MFA