Studio Art Classes: Summer Weekly Journeys Through Art

MFA Summer Weekly Journeys Through Art for Children

Looking for alternatives to camp? The MFA offers weekly summer art classes for kids. Each morning and afternoon course focuses on a specific theme. Groups of up to 12 children (grouped by age) discover new places and cultures; visit our galleries; draw, paint, sculpt, collage, and print in studio art classrooms. Students may register for a single week or any combination of multiple weeks. Sign your child up for just the morning, just the afternoon session or have them come for both!

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Supervised Lunches: Need something for your child to do from 12pm and 1pm between their morning and afternoon classes? If your child is enrolled in an art class, register for our supervised lunches. Studio Art Faculty will eat with and entertain your child during the hour. Children must bring their own lunches.

Supervised Late Pickup: Want your child to stay a little later at the end of the day? Extend your child’s day until 4:45 with our supervised late pickup.

Please note that all children 14 and under are required to be accompanied by an adult 18 or older while at the Museum. For a full list of program information and policies, click HERE.

Summer 2015 Weekly Themes:

Art of the Ancient World: Sculpture, Vessels, Coins, Mummies and More

Climb aboard and travel back in time and explore Egypt, Nubia, the Near East, Greece, Italy, Cyprus and Anatolia. Discover the ancient temples of Athena, examine hieroglyphs, and uncover ancient coins. Meet Emperors, Empresses, Athletes and characters in Greek mythology. Record your travels in a sketch journal and then in the studio create your own treasure trove of artifacts, mosaics, coins, and more.

Kunstkammer: Toy Making, Curiosities, and Collections

Visit the MFA’s new Kunstkammer gallery. Kunstkammer refers to a collector’s cabinet or small room that came into fashion with royal and nobility across Europe in the 17th century. These “art rooms” contained a variety of both man-made and natural wonders. In addition, explore galleries to discover toys from around the world, from Ancient Egyptian model boats, miniature paintings, and musical instruments. In the studio, create mobile toys, soft sculpture, noisemakers, game boards, treasures, collectables, and more.

Art of the Americas: From Sea to Shining Sea

Join us as we travel through America’s past, starting in Pre-Columbian times and working our way up to modern times. Discover the seascapes of Winslow Homer. Study intricate 18th century ship models, so tiny in scale that 2/16th of an inch equals 1 foot. Admire “Watson and the Shark” by John Singleton Copley, paintings of landscapes, portraits, and painted depictions of historic moments in this country. Learn about trades from Colonial America like silversmithing and stitchery. Meet several of our African American artists and be inspired from the American Modern Art galleries. In the studio, make sketching journals, ceramics, paintings, sewn objects, costumes, sculptures and more.

Drawing, Painting and Printmaking in 2D

Discover drawings, paintings, and prints in the galleries, then in the studio, sketch, draw, paint and create your first edition of prints.

Passport Through Europe

Explore Europe through works in the galleries: From gilded icons of the Italian Renaissance through Impressionism, Decorative Arts, English Silver, Porcelain, Post-Impressionism, Modern to Contemporary. Meet Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Gaugin, and Renoir. In the studio, learn new painting techniques, model in clay, tool in metal, and much more.

Building, Forming and Inventing in 3D

Learn about sculpture in the galleries, then in the studio, explore clay techniques, collect found materials for additive sculptures and work in wire to create your own inventions.

Expanding Ideas: Contemporary Art

Question, Explore, Imagine and Make. In the galleries, discover Lynda Bengilis’ monumental, cascading sculpture called the Wing. Look carefully at the dazzling tapestry by Nigerian based artist, El Anatsui. Marvel at neon words and vibrant colors of Ellsworth Kelly. In the studio, invent, experiment with materials and create your own modern master piece.

Creatures of the MFA: Monsters, Serpents and More

Explore the galleries to find creatures that are representative of specific cultures, such as the Sphinx in Egypt, Cyclopes of Greek mythology, the Elephant-headed God in India, and a Serpent Effigy in the Americas. Inspired by our travels, in the studio, we invent our own monsters and creatures, using clay, paper, wood, found objects, wire, yarn, jewels, color and more...

Art of Asia: Hokusai and More

Ride the Great Wave a see a special exhibition on famous Japanese artist, Hokusai, 1760-1849. Explore the art of China, Korea, Southeast Asia, and Japan through stories, folklore, and new traditions. Saddle on the Samarkan horse, discover lions, watch out for dragons, and climb Mt. Fuji. In the studio, projects include: sumi-e brush paintings, printmaking, clay making, and more.

Craft: Clay, Wood, Paper, and Textiles

Visit our Contemporary Craft galleries to find vessels, balls, tapestries, and boxes made in clay, yarn, beads, wood and found objects. Look up into the clouds created by Tara Donovan and discover a collection of styrofoam cups. Invent standing sculptures in paper, make pictures in glitter, learn techniques in building with clay and whittling in wood.

Art of Africa and Oceania: Masks, Jewelry and Textile

Celebrate Africa as we learn the history, stories, sounds, and rich traditions that cross the entire continent. Visit the Benin Kingdom Gallery to discover Ivories and Bronzes of sculptural heads, free standing figures, and pendants that once adorned the walls of courtyards in palaces dating back to the 12th century. In the new Pacific Arts Galleries, discover art that was made to honor mythical heroes and ancestors. Find your way with an unusual navigational chart created by inhabitants of the Marshall Islands to be used in large outrigger canoes. Compare Pacific Bark Cloth Tapa to Africa’s Kente cloth and Mud Cloth. Projects in the studio can include mask making, animal sculpture, instrument making, the textile traditions, working in metal and more.

Legends and Lore: Myth and Story

Discover stories that reveal mysterious legends, folk, and fairy tales. Learn about Ganesha and his consorts, the lion-headed goddess Sekhmet, and Javanese dancers. In the studio, create your own storyboards, figurines, costumes, shadow puppets, and more.


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