We have created this space to provide background and information about what the Museum is doing to combat racism and achieve long-term systemic change. We want you to be aware of the seriousness of our commitment, which includes steps taken as part of the Memorandum of Understanding reached with Attorney General Maura Healey in May 2020, as well as our ongoing collaboration with our staff on improving our workplace culture. This is a living, breathing record of our path toward inclusion and our commitment to doing this work together.

Update: Summer 2020

In the last five months—while the MFA has been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic—our city, our state, and our nation have been thrown into crisis. And this summer, with the murders of George Floyd and others resulting in a national call for a renewed focus on racial and social justice, it has become imperative for institutions like ours to address structural inequities and to actively engage in anti-racism work.

Consistent with this effort, on June 1, the MFA expressed solidarity with Black Lives Matter in a public message of support, as did many of our sister institutions.

Shortly afterward, on June 19, the MFA’s Leadership Team received a letter from a collective of select staff identifying as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color). The collective put forth some action items, guided by the Black Lives Matter movement and in response to the MFA's stated commitment to diversity. (In the interest of accountability and in the spirit of collaboration, we have posted the letter at the request of the Collective.)

We look forward to working with this group to address these timely and important issues.

Our work over the summer and into the fall includes:

Senior Director of Belonging and Inclusion

Rosa Rodriguez-Williams has been appointed as the MFA’s first Senior Director of Belonging and Inclusion, starting September 9. The newly established position will play a critical role in delivering on the MFA’s promise to be a Museum for all of Boston. Read the appointment announcement.

The Engagement of a Diversity Consultant

In July, we engaged Marguerite Fletcher of Fletcher Consulting LLC and her team to study the culture and climate at the MFA with respect to matters of diversity, welcoming, inclusion and belonging. Our work together will include the development and implementation of new policies and procedures, and additional training programs designed to encourage diversity at the Museum.

Reexamining Our Internal Policies and Accountability

In the Memorandum of Understanding, we have made a commitment to develop and implement anti-discrimination and harassment policies that apply to the treatment of members of the public by Museum staff and volunteers.

We intend to go well beyond that commitment to create an even more robust anti-discrimination policy that will apply to racist or biased behavior by any employee toward any other employee. In the development of this policy, we will commit to appropriate accountability for reporting and investigation of incidents among our staff.

Instituting Paid College Internships

Starting last summer, the Museum prioritized fundraising for paid internships. Such internships play a critical role in diversifying the museum field, and we are working toward becoming a leading institution in a fully funded program model.

Beginning July 1, all Museum interns will be paid, regardless of department. Funds raised from our newly launched Black Arts and Artists Curators Circle, for example, will go directly to support paid internships. We now have commitments from 20 members to join this Curators Circle, resulting in support for 12 paid internships in the coming year.

Continuing Paid Teen Internships

  • Our Curatorial Study Hall program, a paid teen-internship program for Boston Public School students, was inaugurated in 2019, with participants curating the “Black Histories, Black Futures” exhibition. The FY21 cohort of Curatorial Study Hall interns has already begun working in partnership with MFA staff, our Teen Arts Council, and our STEAM Team on this year’s project.
  • Entering its fourth year, the STEAM Team is the MFA’s workforce development program and paid fellowship opportunity for Boston teens. The STEAM Team offers fellows the opportunity to explore STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) careers in a museum.
  • The 14th year of the Teen Arts Council (TAC) welcomes 16 teens starting paid work as part of the 2020–21 academic year. The TAC is the MFA’s leadership-development program for Boston-area teens. The TAC offers participants the opportunity to engage with art, culture, and history; develop workplace and team-building skills; and learn about a range of professional options and career paths.

Developing a Mentorship Program

The MFA will be working with The Partnership to develop a staff mentoring program. Established in 1987, The Partnership has evolved from its original focus on the advancement of Black people in corporate Boston, into an organization that supports multicultural professionals at all levels in an increasingly diverse and global workforce. The Partnership is committed to creating a climate that encourages diversity and helps multicultural professionals thrive—and we are grateful to have their support as we work together in developing mentorship and advancement pathways for MFA staff.

Update: May 5, 2020

Attorney General's Office and Museum of Fine Arts Reach Historic Agreement to Support Diversity and Inclusion

After a thorough and integrated process, the MFA has achieved a forward-looking and productive memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Attorney General Maura Healey that builds on our ongoing work to foster greater diversity and inclusion at the Museum.

“There’s nothing more important to us than making sure everyone feels welcome at the MFA,” said Matthew Teitelbaum, Ann and Graham Gund Director. “Working with Attorney General Healey and the Davis Leadership Academy, we have the opportunity to create a new model of inclusion and diversity to serve Boston and we hope to set an example for others to follow. We look forward to our partnership and embracing this important work. It will build upon the foundation established by our strategic plan over the past three years. We have learned a great deal during the past year and through this process, and while we have more to learn and more work to do, together we will succeed. Whether you walk through the doors of the Museum every day, every week, once a year, or just once, everyone is welcome at the MFA.”

The Museum will make a number of investments and commitments, including a $500,000 fund devoted to diversity and inclusion initiatives. Please see the Attorney General's press release for the full scope of the agreement and the full text of the Memorandum of Understanding.

Update: December 9, 2019

Senior Director of Belonging and Inclusion

After a series of meetings and collaboration with local leaders and partners, the MFA has finalized the job description for the Senior Director of Belonging and Inclusion, a new position within the Division of Learning and Community Engagement. Now posted on mfa.org, the ideal candidate will play a critical role in delivering our promise to be a Museum that belongs to all of Boston. In support of MFA 2020, the Museum’s strategic plan, the Senior Director of Belonging and Inclusion will work to activate the Museum’s collection of global art by:

  • building and deepening our connection with current audiences
  • broadening our reach to engage diverse yet historically underrepresented audiences; and
  • establishing the Museum as a welcoming and inclusive place for all

Candidates can find the complete job description and instructions on how to apply on mfa.org. The MFA sought the advice of these industry leaders in the field of inclusion to shape the final description of the position:

  • Carolina Avellaneda, Director, Governance and Compliance, Strategic Counsel, President’s Office, University of Massachusetts
  • Paul Francisco, MFA Advisor, Chief Diversity Officer and Head of Workforce Development Programs, State Street Corporation
  • David Howse, MFA Trustee, Senior Vice President, Emerson College and Executive Director, ArtsEmerson
  • Minita Shah-Mara, Vice President, Organization Effectiveness and Global Diversity and Inclusion, Biogen
  • Pratt Wiley, President and CEO, The Partnership Inc.

Update: October 11, 2019

On October 2, the MFA convened a group of more than 30 educators, school administrators and community leaders to unveil updates to the school group experience. The event included presentations from staff who guided guests through revamped procedures and materials created to better serve groups, including a new video and group leader slideshow, designed to help familiarize leaders and students with the MFA. The video features MFA teen scholars Jennifer Rosa and Jadon Smith, who also provided input into content. Following the presentations, guests were given a guided walk through the new school groups entry experience.

The list of improvements announced on September 9 (below), and previewed on October 2, will be rolled out on October 15.

Integral to the long-term success of the initiatives is a cross-departmental working group—formed to evaluate these new systems and incorporate feedback from teachers, chaperones, group organizers, and students—which will continue to improve the process over time, including tracking and evaluating new post-visit surveys for all group visits.

View Your Visit to the MFA Video
View Field Trip 101 Slideshow

Update: September 10, 2019

The MFA has announced a new position, Senior Director of Inclusion, to support the Museum’s commitment to become a more inclusive organization, reach new audiences, and bring the power of art into the community. The job description is being developed through conversations with local leaders and partners, who met in a roundtable format to share ideas about the key responsibilities and ideal candidate profile. The job description will be finalized in the coming weeks and posted to the Museum’s website. The Senior Director will lead a new department dedicated to inclusion within the division of Learning and Community Engagement and will report to Makeeba McCreary, Patti and Jonathan Kraft Chief of Learning and Community Engagement. This new position signals the MFA’s deepened commitment to inclusion, community and generosity—core tenets of the Museum’s 150th anniversary in 2020 and beyond, key to inspiring new audiences to explore the collection.

Yesterday, Matthew Teitelbaum, the MFA’s Ann and Graham Gund Director, led a conversation with city officials to discuss the Museum’s ongoing efforts toward inclusion. This included discussions about the newly created Senior Director position and improvements to procedures for visits from schoolchildren.

Comments from Attendees

Kim Janey, Boston City Councilor, District 7

“I'd like to thank the MFA for continuing the conversation around changes to its own policies and procedures that will make the Museum more welcoming to all. I know this is an ongoing process that needs to be approached thoughtfully, with a focus on equity—this is not "one and done." I look forward to a broader conversation with many of our cultural institutions about celebrating and embracing race, inclusion, and diversity.”

Joseph Feaster, My Brother’s Keeper Boston Co-Chair

“I am pleased with the progress Matthew Teitelbaum, Makeeba McCreary, and the MFA team have made in conducting self-examination of the organization and engaging community partners to insure that visitors of color feel welcomed at the MFA, that the MFA board, staff and volunteers receive training on bias, and their effort to better address racial diversity at all levels of the organization. I look forward to continuing to assist Matthew and Makeeba with this effort.”

Thaddeus Miles, My Brother’s Keeper Boston Co-Chair

“I’m proud of what we have done together, the progressive nature of thought and the fact that together we have created a place for truth telling—a requirement for true change to take place. I look forward to being part of that process.”

Update: September 9, 2019

Starting October 15, 2019, the MFA will implement a range of improvements to the school group experience—developing an environment where all young people trust that they will feel safe and celebrated. A variety of enhancements will enable teachers and students to better connect curriculum to the Museum’s works of art, explore the collection to complete assignments, find inspiration and have fun in the galleries. Created after discussions with teachers, students, local government officials and community partners that began in the spring, these changes are key to fulfilling the MFA’s promise to provide young visitors with a warm welcome and deep engagement with the Museum and its collection.

“We’ve reimagined the school group experience—from before students arrive at the MFA and extending beyond their visit,” said Makeeba McCreary, Patti and Jonathan Kraft Chief of Learning and Community Engagement. “We’re especially appreciative of the community participation throughout this process, and could not have reached this point without contributions from school leaders, our nonprofit partners, teachers and our teen scholars. It is our hope that we continue to make changes as we put this tool kit into action—so that groups now and long into the future have the best possible experience at the Museum.”

Improvements include how the MFA prepares school groups before their visit, a more welcoming entry experience, and expansion of available tools and on-site support during every group visit. Integral to the long-term success of the initiatives is a cross-departmental working group—formed to evaluate these new systems and incorporate feedback from teachers, chaperones, group organizers and students—which will continue to improve the process over time.

Extensive pre-planning materials will be available on mfa.org and new features include:

  • Prior to visiting, all K–12 school group organizers will receive a questionnaire designed to better understand what teachers need to prepare for their visit, answer questions and provide the Museum with greater insight into how to create the best possible experience for students.
  • Group organizers will be provided with the newly produced web presentation “Field Trip 101” based on input from participants, outlining what can be expected at the MFA and help answer questions. This presentation will also be available onsite, with several opportunities each semester for group organizers to visit the Museum for an orientation.
  • A new video, produced with insight from MFA teen program participants, will be available for students to watch with group organizers prior to their visit. The video is designed to address areas of interest and any concerns young people may have, many of whom will be visiting the MFA for the first time.
  • Increased staffing will be in place at the Museum’s School Group Entrance, located at the Linde Family Wing for Contemporary Art off Museum Road. This staffing will enable us to welcome all groups immediately upon arrival and tours will be extended to 75 minutes, allowing for flexibility on start times to accommodate late and early arrivals.
  • New handouts customized for chaperones and teachers will include a map with key locations throughout the Museum, tips on how to navigate galleries and safeguard works of art, and on-site contacts for assistance, should any be required during visits.
  • The new "Gallery Hosts" program will place trained educators in highly visited galleries to assist with wayfinding, answer questions and provide connections to the collection.

Active for more than five decades, the MFA’s school group program welcomes nearly 60,000 K–12 students annually and aims to support a wide range of schools from across New England, whether through guided tours with Gallery Instructors or self-guided visits facilitated by teachers. All tours support the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and Common Core State Standards and are offered for students in grades 3–12. “Explorations for Early Learners” tours are available for students in grades K–2.

Update: July 18, 2019

New partnerships for teen scholars

The MFA announced a new partnership with Becoming a Man (BAM) and The BASE to host four paid Boston teen scholars at the Museum. The Boston teens will curate an exhibition featuring Modern art by American artists of color along with the MFA’s Teen Arts Council (TAC), STEAM team, and two participants from the Bloomberg Arts Internship program Boston program managed by Edvestors. The exhibition will open on January 20, 2020—the MFA’s free Martin Luther King Jr. community day—and will be a centerpiece of celebrations marking the MFA’s 150th anniversary in 2020.

The young scholars will be mentored by Layla Bermeo, the MFA’s Kristin and Roger Servison Associate Curator of Paintings, Art of the Americas, and partner with curators and colleagues across the Museum as they participate in workshops that build curatorial skills, enabling the interns to develop the themes of their exhibition, select and study the works of art, and collaborate on the design, interpretation, and programming. These new teen programs have been developed by the MFA’s division of Learning and Community Engagement—established in early 2019 and led by Makeeba McCreary, the Patti and Jonathan Kraft Chief of Learning and Community Engagement—which aims to boldly combine art and ideas with a commitment to welcoming new and diverse audiences.

Update: June 29, 2019

Statement regarding Boston Globe article about MFA security officers, June 29, 2019

The MFA values our security officers and their very important job – to protect the safety of the Museum and collection, as well as visitors, staff, and volunteers. We have put great effort into building a positive and productive relationship with Union leadership and all our officers, and do not feel that the Boston Globe story reflects this current relationship. In just the past few months, for example, we've worked closely with the security team on a range of issues, including brainstorming initiatives for the Museum’s 150th anniversary, meetings about upcoming exhibitions, and opportunities for officers' children to share in their working experience. We’re pleased to report that a portrait of security officer Brenda Lee will be in an upcoming installation of artist-commissioned banners. In addition to their role of protecting the collection, our security team is integral to the life of this Museum.

It is our hope that these examples and other efforts will build on our relationship as well as express our values of accountability and care. Even with these efforts, and our ongoing dialogue with all staff, we have more work to do to build a more inclusive museum for all.

The Museum takes seriously the claims cited in the Boston Globe of management’s disrespectful comments to security officers. In fact, the people to whom the Boston Globe attributes these quotes were subject to disciplinary action and no longer work at the Museum. Furthermore, all the discrimination lawsuits mentioned in the article were found to be without merit. The specific claim mentioned in the Boston Globe was dismissed by the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and the federal court, and the payment referenced was not related to discrimination, but was for back wages. No MCAD claim against the MFA was found to have had merit; none are pending and none have resulted in a finding against the MFA. In addition, internal complaints that any security officer or group of security officers were unfairly singled out by the MFA have been found to be untrue.

Roundtable discussions

Roundtable discussions with the community on racial equity and inclusion at the MFA continued on June 18: one with representatives from local non-profits and community organizations and one with professionals from creative industries. Launched in early May, the series will continue in August with high school students and families.

Update: June 25, 2019

This afternoon, the MFA received a letter from Lawyers for Civil Rights Boston, on behalf of students, parents and an educator at the Helen Y. Davis Leadership Academy. The MFA is cooperating with Attorney General Maura Healey in all aspects of her investigation and is also in the midst of an independent external investigation by Casner & Edwards LLP. When both investigations are complete, the MFA will take the appropriate next steps.

Since the school’s visit, and in fact long before, MFA staff and volunteers have been working to examine and improve all aspects of our operation to ensure that everyone feels welcome. We know that we have work to do to achieve that goal, and we are committed to doing so.

Update: June 13, 2019

MFA statement regarding the Attorney General’s investigation

The MFA welcomes the opportunity to work with Attorney General Maura Healey in her investigation. In an effort to provide greater objectivity and clarity, the Museum had already retained counsel to conduct an independent external investigation by Casner & Edwards LLP. While both investigations are ongoing, the MFA cannot provide additional information at this time. The Museum is committed to becoming stronger through inclusivity and accountability to our communities.

Update: June 12, 2019

The MFA has engaged counsel to conduct an external investigation of the incidents on May 16, 2019, and of the Museum’s internal investigation that followed. The investigation will be led by former Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger of the Boston-based firm Casner & Edwards LLP, and begin immediately. The Museum had announced the findings of its own investigation on May 24, 2019. In the ensuing weeks, we continued discussion with our Boards of Trustees and Advisors, community leaders, and other engaged constituencies. We came to the decision that an investigation by an external party could provide greater objectivity and clarity. We look forward to their report and sharing what we learn with the MFA community and public.

Update: June 7, 2019

  • Roundtable discussions with the community on race and inclusion at the MFA, planned earlier, took place this week: one with artists of color and one with K–12 teachers and administrators.
  • We continue to be in conversation with local government officials and community leaders about inclusion at the MFA.
  • Training at the MFA continues. Conflict resolution and unconscious bias training has been scheduled for all staff and sessions began this week. Future sessions are being scheduled for all volunteers.

Immediate Next Steps: May 31, 2019

  • In response to the specific harassment of the Davis Leadership Academy group on May 16, we have taken immediate action by barring two visitors from the Museum.
  • We have added staff to the school groups entrance to improve our welcome and changed our orientation greeting.
  • We are increasing staffing in the galleries by adding visitor services positions and increasing hours for existing representatives. These staff members will be able to assist visitors throughout their visit and respond to any incidents while the guards continue their security function.
  • We are in active conversations this week with our local government officials about race and Boston’s cultural institutions.
  • We’ve been in regular contact with the staff at the Davis Leadership Academy and have another meeting scheduled with them on Monday. We have regularly requested another meeting with the students and are respecting their lead on the timing.

Long-Term Commitments

  • With the help of outside experts, we are expediting and evolving our ongoing mandatory training program for all staff.
  • In early May, we announced seven sessions of unconscious bias training that will take place throughout June and July. The Leadership Team and Board members on the Governance & Nominating and Executive Committees completed this training in January.

  • Also in early May, we announced that two sessions on conflict resolution will take place in June. The workshop will allow staff participants to develop skills for resolving various conflicts that come up in the workplace.
  • We are reviewing all visitor touchpoints to improve every visitor’s experience, from entry to exit.
  • Externally, our department of Learning and Community Engagement, headed by Makeeba McCreary, has organized a series of roundtables on inclusion and racial diversity at the MFA. The first one took place in May, with academic administrators, faculty and students. Upcoming sessions will engage artists of color; K-12 school leaders, administrators and teachers; non-profit and community partners; and professionals in creative industries.
  • The Museum is committed to City Talks, a series launched in 2016 to engage leading Boston-area thinkers, institutions, entrepreneurs, activists, and artists in free public forums on prevalent themes within current exhibitions that impact our community culturally, socially, and politically. Recent panels have discussed representation, opioids, monuments, bodies and expression, and narratives of resistance.
  • We will continue to be intentional in recruitment processes that build and support a diverse complement of staff, volunteers and governance, to reflect and best serve the City of Boston and the values of our Museum.

Davis Leadership Academy Visit

A group of 26 middle-school students with chaperones from the Helen Y. Davis Leadership Academy visited the MFA on May 16, 2019. They were on a self-guided visit. Before leaving the Museum, the group filed a complaint with Member and Visitor Services that they were met with racism and verbal abuse from visitors and staff during the visit.

Upon learning of the class’s experience, we immediately contacted school officials to apologize. At the same time, we began conducting a thorough investigation to review what happened and determine consequences. You can read the report.


We invite you to continue to hold our institution accountable and welcome you to share your questions, concerns, and suggestions by e-mailing feedback@mfa.org.

Our commitment to being a safe space for all extends to our communications. Please note that any e-mails containing expletives or abusive language will be deleted.

To be notified of updates by e-mail, please subscribe to MFA Mail and indicate the interest “Inclusion Updates.”