Past Exhibitions

May 18–October 14, 2019
Kids collaborate to create art through meditation

April 13–September 16, 2019
A waning beauty in an uncertain future

April 7–August 4, 2019
Experience the celebrity culture of 19th-century Paris

March 21–August 25, 2019
A century of style that dares to break the rules

March 21–August 25, 2019
A meditation on the transmission of history through poetry

February 27–June 19, 2019
The influence of Mexican folk art on Kahlo’s work and life

February 13–July 28, 2019
Illustrating the pomp and ceremony of an imperial family line

February 9–June 23, 2019
Celebrate the centenary of this groundbreaking school of modernist abstraction

February 9–June 23, 2019
Reviving Bauhaus abstraction after World War II

February 2–May 14, 2019
Envisioning a just future