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Since the MFA’s founding, bequests and other types of planned gifts have strengthened the Museum’s endowment and financial sustainability, providing vital support for world-class exhibitions, educational programs for all ages, and the care of our extraordinary collection. There are many ways to include the MFA in your long-term plans that can benefit you and your loved ones, increase income, and reduce taxes, while fulfilling your charitable goals.

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Lucia Marconi
Manager of Planned Giving

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There are many ways to make a planned gift to the MFA to fit your family, finances, and charitable legacy. A bequest from your will or trust is among the simplest and most common ways to give.

The Sargent Society recognizes the thoughtful generosity and foresight of individuals who have provided for the MFA in their long-term plans. Sargent Society members are kept informed of the Museum’s future plans and invited to special programs. To join, simply contact us.

Inspiring the Future, the MFA’s gift planning newsletter, shares stories of thoughtful individuals who make an impact on the MFA through gifts to ensure its future.