Make an impact today!

Every year, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, welcomes over one million visitors, creates world-class exhibitions, and provides over 800 education programs for our community. A tax-deductible gift to the MFA Fund makes these activities possible.

Did you know?

  • $18 buys one sable brush for painting conservation
  • $80 purchases art supplies for free after school programs
  • $300 trains a volunteer to lead Access to Art, free tours designed for teens and adults with disabilities 
  • $900 glazes and seals one painting against humidity and light damage
  • $2,000 illuminates our galleries every day

To learn more about the MFA Fund, see MFA Fund Frequently Asked Questions, e-mail, or call 617-369-3944.

Matching Gifts

Many companies offer matching-gift programs for charitable donations made by their employees, which could double or triple your contribution to the MFA. For more information, please contact your employer’s human resources department.

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